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Bell's Theorem




Why is it interesting?

Bell’s theorem is the most profound discovery of science. Henry P. Stapp, "Bell's Theorem and World Process", Nuovo Cimento, Vol. 29B, No. 2, p. 270 (1975).

Bell's theorem says that reality must be non-local. Nick Herbert Quantum Reality - Beyond The New Physics Chapter 12, Bell's Interconnectedness Theorem, p. 212


Jaynes vs. Bell

"The measurement at A at time t does not change the real physical situation at B; but it changes our state of knowledge about that situation, and therefore it changes the predictions we are able to make about B at some time t 0 . Since this is a matter of logic rather than physical causation, there is no action at a distance and no di culty with relativity [also, it does not matter whether t 0 is before, equal to, or after t".Clearing up the Mysteries, by Jaynes

A critical discussion of Jayne's point of view can be found here.

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