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CP Symmetry



  • For a nice PhD thesis on the topic, see CP and other Symmetries of Symmetries by Andreas Trautner
  • Great textbooks on CP violation is "CP Violation" by Branco, Lavoura, and Silva and "Discrete Symmetries and CP Violation: From Experiment to Theory" by Marco Sozzi
  • Other famous books on CP violation are "CP Violation" by Jarlskog, and "CP Violation" by Bigi and Sanda

CP Violation in the Neutrino Sector


Why is it interesting?

A CP transformation transforms a particle into the corresponding antiparticle. A intact CP symmetry therefore means that particles and antiparticles are indistinguishable. However, we know from experiments that CP is a broken symmetry since, for example, there are more particles than antiparticles in the visible universe.

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