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Contest 2017/2018

(Deadline 31.02.2018.)

We are currently running a contest.

The best new contribution to the Physics Travel Guide will be rewarded with a free hardcover copy of the brandnew second edition of the textbook “Physics From Symmetry”.

A contribution could be anything: a new explanation, a new roadmap, a new image or simply a list of awesome references.

To participate simply create an account, contribute something to the travel guide and add your contribution here to the list below.

After the deadline, a vote will decide which contribution is the best one. Only one submission per user is permitted.


  • none so far

About the Contest

As the author of “Physics from Symmetry” I received several complimentary copies from Springer. That's why I'm giving away one copy here for free.

The only goal of the contest is to get people interested in the Physics Travel Guide and to motivate them to contribute something.

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