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 and[[http://​​faculty/​ccline/​courses/​phys425/​AJP_54(6)_p500.pdf| What is spin?]] by HC Ohanian ​ and[[http://​​faculty/​ccline/​courses/​phys425/​AJP_54(6)_p500.pdf| What is spin?]] by HC Ohanian ​
 +An interesting alternative perspective was put forward by Hestenes in his paper [[http://​​pdf/​ZBW_I_QM.pdf|The Zitterbewegung Interpretation of Quantum Mechanics]]. In this paper he argues that spin arises due to the permanent zig-zag motion of electrons (and all other particles). This zig-zag motion is the result of permanent collisions with background Higgs bosons which cause chirality flips from left-chiral to right-chiral states.
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