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 **Representations** **Representations**
-The diagram below shows the defining 2-dimensional representation of $SU(2)$, which describes spin-$1/2$ particles, ​in its upper branch. A 3-dimensional representations of the same group, which describes spin-$1$ particles, is shown in the lower branch. ​ For an explanation of this diagram and more representations of $SU(2)$ see [[https://​​|Fun with Symmetry]].+The diagram below shows the defining ​(2-dimensionalrepresentation of $SU(2)$ in its upper branch ​and a 3-dimensional representations of the same group in the lower branch. ​An important application of these two representations is the rotation of the quantum state of a spin-1/2 and a spin-1 particle, respectively. ​For a more detailed ​explanation of this diagram and more representations of $SU(2)$ see [[https://​​|Fun with Symmetry]].
 [{{ :​advanced_tools:​group_theory:​su2_qm_spin.jpg?​nolink }}] [{{ :​advanced_tools:​group_theory:​su2_qm_spin.jpg?​nolink }}]
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