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 </​note>​ </​note>​
-  ​ 
-<tabbox Examples> ​ 
---> Example1# 
-  +<tabbox FAQ> ​
---> ​Example2:#+-->It ist confusing what a "​five-dimensional"​ group like $SO(4,1)$ has to say about our four-dimensional world. Does this mean deSitter theories predict a fifth dimension?# 
 +No, recall that an explicit representation of the Poincare group is given by $(5 \times 5)$ matrices, too! This is, because the Lorentz group transformations are $(4 \times 4)$ matrices themselves and in oredr to describe translations,​ we need to make these matrices into $(5 \times 5)$ matrices. See, for example, chapter 4 "The Poincaré transformations"​ in [[http://​​us/​book/​9783642154812|Symmetries and Group Theory in Particle Physics]] by Costa and Fogly.
 <-- <--
-<tabbox FAQ> ​ 
   ​   ​
 <tabbox History> ​ <tabbox History> ​
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